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Lady Luck loves Andre Iguodala

iguodala myers Lady Luck loves Andre Iguodala

I still can’t wrap my head around the market value Andre Iguodala was blessed with this offseason. Four years from now, at the age of 32, Iguodala will be making just as much as he did following his rookie contract in 2008 when he was 25. This is bizarre because in 2008 Iguodala was signed to be a franchise player and yet never achieved that status.

Someone is livin’ the dream.

Not only did Iggy’s pay remain the same (currently looking at close to $120 million in career earnings), his chances at an NBA Finals appearance shot up ten-fold. I’m not quite sure why every eligible free agent didn’t immediately fly to San Francisco pleading for a contract this summer. Yes, Dwight Howard was their first option (sorry, Iggy), but who can complain about being paid $12 million dollars to play alongside Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut, David Lee and Harrison Barnes (I’m pretty sure that’s someone’s “Make A Wish”; Marreese Speights has yet to take off his press conference jersey)?

With the eleventh-highest payroll in the league, the Golden State Warriors tout Andre Iguodala as their third-highest paid player this season. Surprisingly, it is Bogut and Lee that will be making more.

The funny thing is, despite the overbearing contractual aspect of the deal, the addition of Iguodala is exactly what this team needs: A point forward (meaning more run-down-and-spot-up opportunities for Curry) who can guard the opposition’s best perimeter player (less strain on Barnes and Thompson).

Quickly relive all the joy you felt as a fan watching this squad challenge the San Antonio Spurs this past postseason. Now realize that young team will now be playing alongside a pass- and defend-first dude with two gold medals. Iguodala’s signing with the Warriors could very well end up being the most important move of the offseason — a notion that devastates every Andrew Bynumless 76ers fan.