JaVale McGee: Tattoo Mustache Celebration


Everyone loves a good “Lazy Crazy” JaVale McGee highlight dunk. What makes this one so great you ask?

Four things.

1. McGee, actually made an NBA caliber up and under move to deke Omer Asik out of his Nike’s.

2. Following  that almost textbook up and under move, he jacks up a brick of a shot that has no chance of going in.

3. He follows his shot (a good basketball thing to do) only to catch the rebound and throw it down for two points.

4. After a completely improbable play that turned out better than one might have thought, he does this to celebrate.

That’s about as classy of a post dunk finger tattoo mustache celebration you’re going to find in the NBA.

The tattoo itself is a little hard to see so here’s a closer look at it.

The only question I have left is, did he intentionally throw it off the backboard to himself? With JaVale, being “JaVale”, I don’t have a clue…..

I’ll let you decide for yourself.

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Frankie Buckets

Editor-in-Chief at Baller Mind Frame
Frankie serves as Baller Mind Frame and Pop Culture Spin's Editor-in-Chief. He is also co-founder of the hottest t-shirt brand on the planet, DVious Buckets. Not to mention, a general all-round basketball obsessive compulsive enthusiast/fantasy expert in training. I have no filter.

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