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Charles Barkley and two nobodies for Weight Watchers

Charles Barkley and his humor never stops. As you may know, he’s a representative for Weight Watchers and tells us to Lose Like A Man. The program has obviously been working for Sir Charles as he’s been looking relatively svelte… yes, I mentioned Barkley and the word “svelte” in the same sentence.

In any case, the latest video from Weight Watchers and Charles Barkley is hilarious, per usual. Barkley comes off a bit cocky as he did during his playing days in the NBA in the beginning of the below video, but then gets his comeuppance at the end from a bunch of “nobodies”:

One of the endearing things about The Round Mound of Rebound is his self-deprecation. It kind of cushions the blow when he makes fun of other people like Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby. Kind of.

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