Charles Barkley Disses New York Knicks


Charles Barkley is always good for laugh, so it comes as no surprise that he cracked on the New York Knicks while at Bill Russell’s Mentor’s Champions Golf Challenge Monday morning at Friar’s Head in Riverhead, New York. Barkley noted that he liked the Brooklyn Nets and thought they were the better team in New York. Then the magic happened:

When he was reminded that the Knicks made some moves, too, Barkley rhetorically asked who they got. Marcus Camby, he was reminded. “I like Marcus Camby,” he said. Then someone mentioned, “Jason Kidd,” and Barkley said, deadpan, “What year is this?”

Then he yelled over to Celtic great Sam Jones, who was warming up on the driving range, and mentioned that reporters were asking about the Knicks signing Camby and Kidd, then said of the Knicks, loudly, “They must think it’s 1995.

“It’s 2012,” Barkley said. “They went out and got 92-year-old Jason Kidd and 92-year-old Marcus Camby.”

Leave it to Charles Barkley to bring some levity to any situation, although, he does have a point. Regardless, the first official battle to see who in fact has the best basketball team in New York will be televised on November 1st on TNT. Yes, the same network where Barkley makes his living as an in-studio analyst. Expect more tomfoolery then.

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