Blake Griffin Tests Knee, Dunks Hard On Buddy Hield


In the middle of July, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers, suffered a medial meniscus tear in his left knee. It seems that he suffered the injury during a scrimmage at Team USA’s Olympics training camp as they prepared to take on the world in London. What was fortunate for New Orleans Hornets rookie Anthony Davis in making the team, was unfortunate for Griffin who was going hard to make his first Olympics team. But, no worries, Griffin will likely play for Team USA in 2016 in Rio.

However, if you’re a Los Angeles Clippers fan or employee, you don’t care about the Olympics when you hear about a Blake Griffin injury. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t considered serious enough for Griffin to miss Clippers training camp, which opens later this month.

So, what do you when you’re a youngster known for attacking rims like they insulted your mom and you’re feeling restless? Why, go to your alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, and dunk hard on freshmen, of course! The below video will show 6’10” Blake Griffin testing the strength of his knee on 6’4″ guard, Buddy Hield. To say this is unfair would be an understatement:

So, yeah, the knee is going to be fine, wouldn’t you say? It also looks like Hield will be fine too. In fact, he seems to have enjoyed it.

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 Blake Griffin Tests Knee, Dunks Hard On Buddy Hield
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